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Unveiling the Rules and Regulations of Using a Handicap Placard in New Hampshire

Unveiling the Rules and Regulations of Using a Handicap Placard in New Hampshire

Unveiling the Rules and Regulations of Using a Handicap Placard in New Hampshire


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the rules and regulations governing the use of handicap placards in the beautiful state of New Hampshire. In this article, we will delve into every aspect of disability parking, from eligibility criteria to parking privileges, and provide you with the insights and information you need to navigate the rules effectively. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, understanding these regulations is crucial for ensuring a smooth and convenient experience.

Unveiling the Rules and Regulations of Using a Handicap Placard in NH

Understanding Disability Placards

A handicap placard, also known as a disabled parking permit, is a special identification card issued to individuals with mobility impairments. This placard allows them to park in designated parking spaces, ensuring easier access to public facilities.

Eligibility for a Placard

To obtain a New Hampshire handicap placard, you must meet certain eligibility criteria. These criteria typically include having a medical condition that substantially impairs your mobility or the ability to walk. To determine your eligibility, consult your healthcare provider, who can guide you through the application process.

Applying for a Placard

Once you confirm your eligibility, the next step is to apply for a handicap permit. The process in New Hampshire is relatively straightforward. You'll need to complete the Application for Disability Plates/Placards (Form RDMV 110) and submit it to the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Make sure to provide all the necessary medical documentation to support your application.

Types of Placards

New Hampshire offers both temporary and permanent permits. Temporary ones are issued for a maximum of six months and are ideal for individuals with temporary disabilities. Permanent ones, on the other hand, are for individuals with long-term or permanent disabilities. Understanding the difference between these two types is crucial to ensure you have the right one.

Unveiling the Rules and Regulations of Using a Handicap Placard in New Hampshire

Displaying the Placard

When you receive your disability permit, it's essential to display it correctly. Hang the placard from your vehicle's rearview mirror when parked in designated spaces, ensuring that it is clearly visible. Never use someone else's pass, as this is a violation of the law and can result in fines and penalties.

Handicap Parking Spaces

Handicap parking spaces are typically marked with the universal blue and white accessibility symbol. It's important to use these spaces responsibly, and only when you have the authorized permit. Parking in a designated space without proper authorization can lead to penalties.

Renewing Your Placard

In New Hampshire, both temporary and permanent passes have expiration dates. To continue using a disability pass, you'll need to renew it before it expires. The renewal process often requires updated medical documentation to verify your ongoing eligibility.

Violations and Penalties

It's crucial to abide by the rules and regulations of handicap parking in New Hampshire. Violating these regulations can result in fines, the revocation of your permit, or even legal action. Be sure to park responsibly and only use your permit when authorized.

Benefits of Handicap Placards

Disability passes offer numerous benefits to individuals with disabilities. They provide accessible parking, making it easier to access buildings and facilities. This convenience can significantly improve the quality of life for those with mobility challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to get a disability permit in NH?

The processing time can vary, but it typically takes a few weeks. Make sure to submit all the required documentation to expedite the process.

Can I use my NH handicap pass in other states?

Most states in the U.S. have reciprocity agreements, allowing you to use your New Hampshire disability pass in other states. However, it's essential to check the specific regulations of the state you plan to visit.

What should I do if I lose my disability permit?

If you lose your permit, you can request a replacement from the NH DMV. There may be a small fee associated with obtaining a replacement.

Are there specific parking regulations for disability passes in NH during winter?

While there are no specific winter regulations, it's important to ensure that your pass remains visible and doesn't obstruct your view when driving.

Can I lend my disability permit to a family member or friend?

No, these are non-transferable and should only be used by the person they are issued to. Lending your permit to someone else is against the law.

How can I report misuse of passes in NH?

If you suspect someone is misusing a permit, you can report it to the NH DMV. They will investigate any reported violations.


In this detailed guide, we've unveiled the rules and regulations of using a handicap placard in New Hampshire. By understanding the eligibility criteria, application process, and responsible usage of handicap placards, you can ensure a more accessible and convenient experience. Remember, it's essential to use these privileges responsibly and respect the needs of individuals with disabilities.