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Talk a Licensed HandicapMD Doctor via Telemedicine Today!

It's easier than ever to get your disabled handicap permits placards and license plates. Just sign up online, talk to a doctor and you'll be on your way in no time!



Our disabled placards consultations are a cinch.

The best way is with a licensed doctor, where the process will be much more thorough. With video chat sessions or telemedicine available depending on your location, all of this can happen as soon as possible without having to wait for weeks and or wait in long lines! A medical history should only require basic information - after that's ready we'll have our doctors get back with everything else like the Reg 195 medical certification form to mail to the DMV.


Our disabled placards consultations are a cinch.




Our HanidcapMD Disability doctors are the real deal.

We take pride in having doctors who are licensed and certified, so you can be sure that they know what they're doing.

The HandicapMD system is 100% easy to use. When it comes to helping patients, we take pride in offering the best services available online.


HanidcapMD Disability doctors

Immediate Emailing of the
Medical Certification form for your 
Disabled Person Parking Placards & Plates.


As a doctor approves you for your disabled placards and license plates on our platform, your experience will be smooth and effortless. Once approved you'll immediately get an email PDF medical certification form so that you can mail to the DMV. In California, don't worry because we have all of these steps covered!



See a California Medical Board licensed Physician - so you know you're in good hands!  

Everything is transparent here.

We ensure full legal 100% legitimacy - 

We want to make sure that our patients have the best experience possible. This means not only providing excellent medical care but also making it affordable and secure for you.

Easiest Steps To Get a Handicap Placard in California

HandicapMD helps disabled patients get DMV handicap placards online via telemedicine and video chats.  Our doctors sign your medical certification forms and make it super easy  to apply and obtain your handicap permit parking online!  The process is simple:

  1. Sign up online 

  2. Talk to one of our licensed and caring physicians

  3. Get your DMV form completed, physician signed, then emailed instantly.

 is referred to as a disabled placard, handicapped license, or DMV handicap placard. In all cases you need your doctor's approval before the DMV will provide one of these permits, and this is where HandcapMD puts on the super-doctor hero cape.


When it comes to finding a doctor, there is no shortage of options. But when looking for one that specializes in helping you get your handicap placard, the process can be tedious and time-consuming. HandicapMD has taken all of the guesswork out - they connect patients with doctors who specialize in evaluating and assisting patients with the process, so you don't have to go through any trouble or hassle at all!


The most important thing for us is for you to have the most sophisticated and discreet care. Not only that, but we also give our best to give you the most comfortable care you've ever had.