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How to Get California Disabled Person Parking Placards, Permits, & Plates

How to Get California Disabled Person Parking Placards, Permits, & Plates

Find Out About How to Get How to Get California Disabled Person Parking Placards, Permits, & Plates    

To get a California Disabled Person (DP) placard or handicapped License Plates, you must be qualified as a permanently disabled person.

Accessibility is very important in successful driving. Sometimes it can be a challenge for people with disabilities to get good access. In California, 24% of people are living with disabilities. 11% have a mobility disability with difficulties walking or going up a staircase. Another 5% has an independent living disability and can't run errands independently. To make their lives easier, the government has put in place measures that ensure they are comfortable. To access the special treatment, they need a disability placard or plate. These can help one get accessible parking near a facility's entrance or exit.

You may wonder what the difference between a plate and a placard is. They both give you the same parking privileges. A plate is placed permanently on your vehicle, so it can be ideal if you own the car. A placard can be moved to different vehicles as long as the disabled person is on board. This is ideal for caregivers who might need to use different vehicles. How then can one get these placards or plates?

If a person has a disability, they can apply for an accessible parking permit or a disability parking license plate through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

To get these cards, you do not have to pay any fee. Read more to determine if you qualify for California DMV disabled placard and how to handle the handicap placard application. It is possible to get both new or replacement disabled placard online.

 Medical content reviewed by Dr Eric Jackson-Scott MD, Chief Medical Officer

disabled person Placard or Handicapped plates in California


Are you eligible for Disabled Person Parking Placards in California?


Before you are cleared to get disability placards, you must get an authorized medical expert to verify that you are eligible. There are different eligibility guidelines that they can use to test if you qualify. Here is a look at some of the reasons which could result in you qualifying to fill in the handicap placard application.

You have severely disabled mobility either due to a condition or a disease

You have a lung disease that gives you a forced expiratory volume for 1second by spirometry is less than a liter of your arterial oxygen tension is less than 60mm/hg at rest

One or both of your hands are missing

One or both of your legs are missing

Have a low vision, or you are blind

Most of the use of one or more extremities or both hands

You are a diagnosed with a disease that limits your mobility

You can’t move without using the assistive device

You have certain visual issues like partial sightedness or lower-vision


If you have any of these conditions, you can make an application to get the handicap placard. But you will need to attach a detailed description of the condition that is disabling you.  Some patients have conditions due to a work injury and require a PR4 report to determine their disability status.





What is the California Application Process for Disabled Person Parking Placards Permits and Plates?

You can use two options to get your disabled person parking placard and a plate in California. You can choose to go to the local DMV office to get your application, or you can print the document online.

You will not be required to pay anything to get the permanent parking placards and license plates. But if you are getting a temporary handicap sticker, then you will need to pay $6.

Note that you will need to fill in the forms with your health care provider to offer all the information about your condition. After filling in the request, you can take it or mail it to the DMV.


What is the medical certification form for the California Disabled Person Parking Placards?


You will need to attach this form with the form that you are using to apply for the dmv handicap placard or plate. The document is found in the California DMV office or website. You will need to work with a health care provider so that you can complete the application. The medical professional you choose to help you fill in the information needs to have full details about your condition. You need to get a legit medical professional to help you fill the data since they will also need to give their names, address, and medical license number.

You need to make sure that you have checked the category where your disability falls before sending in your application for a handicap sticker. After the professional has filled in the data, they will need to have it signed. If you do not have any medical professional that you can trust with your application, you can seek the services of HandicapMD.com to get an expert who will help you with disability placard. This site has connected to various qualified experts to examine you and determine if you qualify to get the California disabled parking permits. This is a great option for those who have difficulties getting to the office of a medical expert.



Disabled Person Parking Placards VS License Plates


It is important for you to understand the difference between the Placards and License plates to get the one that suits your needs. Though both will give you the same parking privilege, they are not the same. The placard is a card that you can move with it from one car to another, depending on your travel vehicle. They are suitable for the caregivers who transport someone who is disabled. On the other handle, the license plates are affixed to a specific car and are the best option in cases where the disabled person is the one who drives themselves.

disabled person Placard or Handicapped plates in California

Types of DP Disabled Person Parking Placards

Permanent parking Placards: These are cards given to those who have a permanent disability. The card is valid for two years and will expire on June 30th of each odd number year.

Temporary Parking Placards: these cards are valid for 18o days or until the date when the medical experts state that you will get better, depending on which one is shorter. This is the type you can get a for work related or workers comp injury.  This card can be renewed up to six times in a row.

Travel parking Placard: This is for those who have a permanent disability permanent DP placard, a license plate, or Disable veteran (DV) license plate. The travel parking placard is valid for 30 days.

Travel parking Placards for non residents: This is a placard that is given to those who have a permanent disability for those who have a DV license plate. The document is valid for 90 days from the time it is issued.

Disabled Veteran License Plate

If you have met the eligibility of getting the placards, then you might be qualified for the veteran DV license plate. When you get the DV license plate, you will be exempted from having to pay for vehicle registration or the license fee, learn more about the DV license plate.

Applying for a DMV Disabled Person Parking Placards

When applying for the disabled placard, you can go to the DMV to get an application form or get the document online. However, you need to ensure that the document you get is for the DV parking.

You will need to have a qualified medical expert to assist you with the application. The medical professional you select needs to be familiar with the disease or the condition you have. In addition, they will need to fill in a section explaining your condition.

When submitting the form, make sure that you have filled all the parts. If the placard you are applying for is the temporary placard, you should submit the fee w alongside the documents.

After you are done with the document, then you should mail it. You can get the address that you will use on the form.

To apply for a Disabled Person Parking Placards  

When applying for the DP license plate, you need to understand the handicap parking laws California.

You also need to find a qualified and licensed medical practitioner who is competent to deal with your condition to help you fill the form. The professional will be required to sign the Medical Provider’s Certification of Disability Section of your application.

The other document you will need is the current registration card in your name. If you do not have one, then you will need to submit the required documentation to register your vehicle in your name.

Make the payment of the registration fee on the vehicle.

Then surrender the license plates that are currently on the vehicle.

Medical Provider Certificate of Disability

Applying for the Disabled Person Parking Placard or Plate

You can apply for your placard online using the disabled person parking placard form application, or you can apply by mail or in person. You can only apply in the mail or in-person for a DP plate. You'll need to complete and submit a form called REG195 (PDF).

A medical provider has to certify your disability. They need to complete the medical provider's section in your application REG195. You can have a licensed physician, a physician assistant, a nurse practitioner, a surgeon, or a certified nurse-midwife who is conversant with the disability or disease. A licensed chiropractor may certify the disability of a person who has limitations in using the lower limbs. A licensed optometrist or another medical provider who specializes in eye diseases can certify for a person with a visual disability. You may not need a medical practitioner's certification if you have lost a lower extremity or both hands. You'll only need to appear in the DMV office and submit your application REG195. You also don't need a medical practitioner's certification if you already have a permanent California disabled person placard or disabled person/ disabled veteran license plates assigned to your vehicle. You'll enter the license plate number in part A of your application, REG195.

For a disabled person plate, you'll have to provide the current registration card of your vehicle in your name or provide the documents needed to register it in your name. You then have to pay the normal registration fees and surrender the license plates that are currently on the vehicle.

You need to pay the applicable fees. For a temporary DP card, you have to pay $6. Permanent DP placards are free if applying for the first time. If you have a permanent placard, you are given the temporary one for free. To replace a DV placard, you have to pay $20. It's advisable to make an appointment before you visit the DMV offices. Remember, you are the only person to use your DP or DV license plates. You'll need to purchase a placard holder for your new disability placard. It has the accessibility symbol on it.

After you receive your disability placard or plate, display it by fastening the tag to the rearview mirror of your vehicle. You'll be able to use the most accessible parking space. This goes for both on-street and off-street parking areas and also parking garages. You shouldn't park on the access aisle usually marked with crosshatch patterns or a no parking sign. Remember, it's illegal to possess or display counterfeit DV license plates. It could make you subject to citations or fines. Abide by the rules and enjoy your driving in California.

When applying for your California DMV disabled placard, you need to work with a medical expert to help fill your form. You will need a licensed physician, surgeon, physician assistant, or nurse-midwife. You should make sure that the medical expert you choose has been certified. You also have to make sure that they are familiar with your disease. They should be willing to help you complete the application of your DMV handicap form. These experts should fill and sign the Medical Provider’s Form of your application REG 195.

If your disability is due to the loss of both of your lower extremities, you need to use a licensed chiropractor to certify this information.

If the disability you have is due to limited eyesight or blindness, you need to use a licensed optometrist to get you the certification so you can get your disabled parking placard.

However, there are some conditions that you will not need to seek the help of a Medical Provider of Disability.

You cannot use both hands, and you deliver the DMV handicap form in person.

You have a permanent California DP placard/DP License plate/DV License Plate number that you have entered as part A of your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any privileges of having a California Disabled Person Parking Placards or DP license plate?


Yes, there are numerous privileges you might get when you have the California handicap placard. Here is a look at how to get handicapped parking.

When you get a valid Disabled Person Parking Placards in California, you may park;

In a parking space that has the wheelchair Symbol

Next to blue curb that is authorized for persons with disabilities.

Next to a green curb- The green curb is an indication of limited-time parking. Thus, you can use this space to park as long as you wish.

In an on-street metered parking space without paying any fee,


In the parking spaces that indicate that they need a resident or a merchant permit.


What are the downsides of having the Disabled Person Parking Placards or the DP license Plates?

When you have the California handicap placard you might not park;

In areas that are marked with the crosshatch pattern to a parking space with the International Symbol of Access (The wheelchair symbol). The reason is these are parking spaces for wheelchair and wheelchair lift access.

Near a yellow curb- the yellow curbs are used by commercial vehicles to load passengers or freight,

Next to a white curb- The white curbs are used for loading and unloading passengers or depositing mail in the adjustment mailbox.

You need to understand how to get handicap parking, so you do not end up in trouble with the law.

Can I share my Disabled Person Parking Placard in California?

No, you cannot share any California disabled person placard. However, here is a look at other handicap parking laws California that you cannot do with the DMV handicap placard. Upon violation, you might be subjected to fines or citations.

Lend the placard to someone else.

Use a placard that is not yours.

You have forged the Medical signature of a medical expert.

Have or display counterfeit placards or license plates.

Offer false information to get a disabled parking placard.

Change a placard or placard identification card,


If you abuse the California DMV disabled placard, it might lead to cancellation or revocation of the card. Thus, this means that you will end up losing the privilege that it offers. It could also result in you being penalized.

Do I need to renew my permanent Disabled Person Parking Placard?

It is common for people to wonder how do I renew my handicap placard in California. Here is what you need to know. You do not have to replace a permanent DP placard. Since the DMV already has your information, they will be mailing you new cards to the address you gave them. If you change your address, you will need to update the new address in the DMV to get the placards at your nearest address.

If you are wondering how you can change the address, here is what you need to do.

Go online and download the Notice of Change of Address (DMV 14) and fill in the data. When done, you mail the form.

You can give the automated voice system a call on 1-800-777-0133 so that you can have the form mailed to you.

How long are the Disabled Person Parking Placards valid in California?


Various factors determine how long the disabled person placard will be valid, like the type of handicap permit you have, the time range, and the renewal policies.

Depending on the type of placards you have, the duration can be six months to 2 years. You should do more research on how do i renew my handicap placard in California.

How do I replace the Disabled Person Parking Placards in Caliofornia if it is stolen or damaged?

You might get a substitute placard in the event where your permanent or temporary placard is damaged, lost, or stolen.

To get the substitute card, you will need to complete and in the Application for Replacement. In case the reason for replacement is damage, then you will need to surrender the damaged card.


If the placard you have is not permanent for travel, you will be needed to pay a fee to the DMV.

Once you are done with the application, you can take it to the DMV in person, or you can mail it.

Address where to mail the DMV placard forms

DMV Placard

Po Box 942869

Sacramento, CA 94269-00100

Once you have submitted your application, you will get the parking placard in four weeks.

I have a wheelchair lift that obstructs the view of my rear license plate. Do you have window decals?

Yes, you can get the window decals. All you need to do is to ensure that you qualify to get the decal. You need to

Have a DP placards

Transport someone with a DP or a DV placard


If you qualify for it, then you can apply for the decal by mailing the application to

Department of Motor Vehicles

Special Processing Unit

Po BOX 932345-3450

The request to get the decal should not be submitted to the DMV office. Once your application is received, you should get the decal in not more than eight weeks.

Where is the California DMV field offices located?

There are various DMV offices throughout the state. These companies offer numerous services such as vehicle and disability permits, registration and title transaction, and license plate renewals.

If you would like to learn more about the California Department of Motor Vehicles then you can visit their website or you can call them on 1-800-777-0133.

 disabled person Placard or Handicapped plates in California



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