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Get a Temporary Handicap Placard Permit After Surgery

Get a Temporary Handicap Placard Permit After Surgery

Explore Getting a Temporary Disabled Placard After Surgery

Just about everyone at some point in their lives will have a medical issue that alters their lifestyle and movement. Sometimes those medical issues involve surgery. When they do, you may experience loss of movement.

During these times, you may ask yourself if it is possible to obtain a temporary handicapped parking permit. It is possible but the answer may be a bit complicated due to all the regulations you need to meet.


 Medical content reviewed by Dr Eric Jackson-Scott MD, Chief Medical Officer

 Get a Temporary Handicap Placard Permit After Surgery

Keep reading to get all the information you need to know before you have your surgery.


What is the first step in applying for a temporary disabled parking permit

The first step is to verify if your surgery will meet the qualifications for eligibility for a temporary handicapped parking permit. if your surgery includes any of the following conditions, you may be eligible:


  1. you won’t be able to walk more than 200 feet without stopping to rest
  2. you need a crutch, wheelchair, cane, braces, and other devices needed for movement. or you need to rely on another person to walk.
  3. you have lung cancer, asthma, COPD, or another respiratory illness
  4. you have high blood pressure, at risk for a heart attack or other cardiac issues
  5. you lost a limb or have limited use of a limb
  6. your hearing or vision are impaired



Does a temporary disabled parking permit exist

There is some good news. yes, these do exist and they are available in most, if not all states. The approval for one of these permits is based on your individual need and if it is only for a short period of time. The qualifying temporary conditions are as follows:

  1. Those pregnant women who need to get bed rest or stay off their feet
  2. People with broken legs, knee surgeries, and other knee injuries
  3. Patients receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatments
  4. Any temporary medical condition that requires the use of a wheelchair, cane, and so on
  5. back or neck or other surgeries that impair movement


These temporary handicap parking permits expire either in 3 or 6 months, depending on the state of issue or the time frame given to the DMV by your doctor. Also, they can usually be renewed, with some states giving you 6 consecutive times before they finally expire.

The exact details will be up to your state and you need to talk to your local DMV office to get all the specific information. Do not be alarmed if your state requires another application and doctor’s verification for renewal.


Can I apply for a temporary disabled parking permit in a hurry

This option will again be up to your state to decide upon. But generally, the process cannot be expedited which means you should plan ahead and file your application before you have your surgery.

By mailing or taking your application to the DMV office, you have the chance of receiving the handicapped placard by the time your surgery is over. If your surgery is a spur of the moment and an emergency, you can contact your local DMV office and see if there is an expedited process you can go through.

The final decision rests with your DMV office and do not be surprised if there is a long line of applicants ahead of you. If you can’t get a temporary disabled parking permit in time, you will need to rely on family and friends to help you get around.

There are other options available like taxis, Uber, and even handicapped accessible buses you can use if family and friends can’t help.  Note - patients can also get veterans disabled parking placards.

What is the application process like?

This is not a long and complicated process yo get your handicapped parking permit in California. You will spend more time waiting than fill out the forms. It is possible to pick up an application form at your local DMV or download it from their website.

Once you have it, you need to take it to your doctor and have them fill out the medical portion of the form. Your doctor will need to verify that you will need a temporary handicapped parking permit and provide information about their medical license and other personal details.

Make sure your doctor signs his portion of the form or you will be making another trip back to his or her office to get it. if you do not have a doctor to fill out the form contact HandicapMD and they will put you in contact with one to help you out.

Surgery parking privileges

Once you have your surgery and receive your temporary disabled parking permit, you will be able to park in handicapped parking spots. These spots are marked by a universal blue and white sign with a wheelchair on it and a blue-painted parking spot.



there may be other privileges involved as well and you should check with your local DMV to find out what those may be. Each state will have different rules governing the temporary handicapped parking placards so you need to check with the state you live in currently to find out what those are.



Can I get a handicap card for knee surgery

As long as your knee surgery will impede your normal movement chances are you will qualify for a temporary placard. The parking placard will only be valid between 3 and 6 months or the date put on the application form by your doctor.

Make sure he will give you enough time to recover or you will have to go down to your local DMV office and extend the date of validity. The key to receiving your temporary disabled parking permit is to plan ahead.

If you know when you are going to the hospital for surgery, then make sure you do not wait till the last minute to submit your application. also, be prepared to pay a small fee to obtain your parking permission placard as temporary permits do cost a little bit of money. Applying for a temporary disabled parking permit is fast and easy.