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Useful Tips To Help Disabled Drivers Stay On The Right Side Of The Law

Disabled driving laws help make the lives of disabled people flow. Here's some useful tips to help handicapped drivers keep up with the law.

Disabled Driving Laws You Should Be Aware Of

Disabled driving laws for the disabled are in place to ensure that disabled people have an easier time on the road. They make the playing field fair ensuring that people that have limitations can access public amenities. They also keep everything in order and makes everyone’s life easier by avoiding confusion and conflicts.


With a driving infrastructure for disabled people, it becomes possible to move around with ease while giving them a greater level of independence. They also get to access public amenities with ease and ensures that they get benefits they are entitled to.

 Useful Tips To Help Disabled Drivers Stay On The Right Side Of The Law

Handicap Parking Laws


These laws exist across the entire united states but might vary by state.


Rules for Handicap Parking Spaces


According to the law, handicap spaces must have a 60-inch wide aisle it cars can access it and a 96-inch wide aisle if vans can easily park in the area. They also need to be somewhere where it is easy to access the building entrance.


There is a stipulated percentage of handicap space out of the entire space in the parking area. These should be distributed throughout the area and signposted for easier recognition. The sidewalk slope should also be minimal for ease of movement.


What Happens when you Break Disabled Parking Rules?


Several essential rules govern the use of handicap parking infrastructure. They include:-


- Only people that hold permits may use the handicap spaces

- These permits must be clearly shown when a vehicle has been parked.

- The placards also need to be stowed away when a vehicle is in motion.

- The registered holder can only use the permit.

- The handicap permits need to be renewed after their period has expired.


If you break any of these rules, you will most likely receive a fine or a ticket. In other severe scenarios, your vehicle could even be impounded or towed.


Tips to Help Disabled Drivers Stay on the Right Side of the Law


1. Always ensure that your disabled parking placard is displayed. Anytime your vehicle is parked, keep the placard visible at all times to avoid getting a ticket.


2. Do not lend your disabled permit to someone else. This would be in contravention of the law, and both parties could be fined for it.


3. Ensure that you clearly understand the on-street parking rules for your area. The laws for parking on the street for disabled permit-holders will be likely to carry based on the jurisdiction. Ensure that you know where you can pack for free in your particular jurisdiction and take advantage of what the law stipulates.

 4. Make sure that you know how to stow your placard safely. Whenever your vehicle is in motion, your handicap parking permit should be stowed away safely. Leaving it handling from the rear-view mirror can get you pulled over.


5. Avoid parking in illegal areas. You are not entitled anywhere you want when you have a disabled placard. Whenever you park in illegal spaces, you will be fined for this. This includes loading bays, ambulance bays, and places that have a “No Parking” sign.

 6. Keep your Disabled Permit Up-to-date


An out-of-date parking permit is always illegal, even though some jurisdictions will allow a grace period during which you should renew the permit. Ensure that your permit is up-to-date to avoid getting into conflict with the law.


7. Always replace damaged disabled license plates. A damaged license plate is not easy to identify, and you should always get it replaced to avoid a fine.  Even if you are able to get a handicap parking placard space in front of your house - always display your placard.


8. Be polite to Parking Officers. These people always have stressful jobs, and you should not make their lives more difficult by disrespecting them. They have to put up with a lot in the course of their jobs. To make their lives easier, always stay calm when you interact with them. Staying polite will make everything better and even build a better public profile and reputation for you. Be empathetic and courteous whenever you meet the parking officers, and this will surely make a significant impact in their hearts.


With these simple tips, you will always be on the right side of the law. Your disabled parking permit will help get you perks and ensure that your movements are not restricted to public amenities and other places. Keeping every document updates will also give you a good standing with the law, and you will rarely find yourself getting in trouble.


How to obtain a handicapped parking permit 

Obtaining a handicapped parking permit is done through an online application process. The most convenient way is via HandicapMD.com. You apply through the website, and you will have an online consultation where a medical practitioner will guide you with the process.