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Posted 07/01/2022 in Benefits of a Handicap Permit

How to Return A Lost Disabled Parking Permit

How to Return A Lost Disabled Parking Permit

How to Return A Lost Disabled Parking Permit

How to Return Your Lost Disabled Parking Permit - Disabled parking permits offer numerous benefits when using them. 

If you’re living with disabilities, the permit or placard makes it more convenient and easier to move to various towns and get the appropriate parking lots. The permits or placards allow you to find an accessible parking space when you’ve various tasks in town.

You can easily park your vehicle when visiting your doctor or have various activities. Losing your permit can be very distressing, as you’ll have a hard time searching for the appropriate parking lot in urban centers. Furthermore, it’s usually time-consuming and hard to replace your permit. This article explains the appropriate ways of returning your lost disabled parking placard or permit.

 How to Return Your Lost Disabled Parking Permit

How to Return a Lost Handicap Placard


When you find a lost placard or permit and can’t locate the owner, the authorities provide various ways to return the permit to the owner. It’s usually daunting to search for the placard owner and get it back to them. Instead of spending more time looking for the owner, the authorities and placard owners appreciate your efforts to return the document. The DMV and law enforcement will also find it an honor if you return the placard or permit as it may fall in the hands of a wrong individual who can use it unauthorizedly.


Below are the appropriate options or ways to return a lost disabled placard:


● You can hand the placard or permit at the front desk or management if you find it outside the restaurant, business, and doctor’s office premises. The management will keep the placard and hand it over to the owner if they come asking for it or call the management. Taking the placard to the management or the front desk is the easiest and most appropriate way to return a lost placard, as the owner might find it easy to locate and trace the permit.


● Contacting the local law enforcement is the best option if you lack options or who turn to or give the lost placard. You can contact law enforcement by calling the local police station, but not 911, reporting that you possess a missing placard. These authorities or law enforcers will provide the best direction for returning the placard or permit to the owner. Remember that it’s very hard to check the handicap permit number on your own after picking the placard. Nonetheless, your local parking and law enforcement personnel at the particular city have the right and authority to check the number. Checking the number is an effective way of determining the placard owner. Therefore, dropping the placard at the nearest police station will be appropriate, as the authorities can easily find the placard or permit's owner.


● After picking up the card, you might be wondering if it’s the right step to return it to the local DMV offices. Yes, returning the placard or permit to the local DMV field offices will be the right option. Nevertheless, you must be prepared to spend more time at the offices as many individuals usually wait for different services. You can spend more time at the office even when dropping off the placard. The authorities can check through their databases and find the owner at the DMV offices. After finding the owner, the DMV can either issue a new placard to the owner or return the lost and found one to them.


● If you don’t like visiting these offices due to the long waiting or the unpleasant surroundings, you can mail the lost placards to them. Some offices accept lost placards being mailed to them. When mailing the placard, you can search for the address of the lost placard on the particular state’s DMV websites. Despite spending on the postage, mailing and posting the cards to the DMV website will be the appropriate option for returning the lost accessible parking placard or permit to the owner.


What Will Happen After Losing Your Handicap Placard?


Losing your handicap placard is usually distressing. But what can you do after losing your placard or permit? The authorities provide some steps you can use to replace your parking placard or permit. The different states have different processes or steps for reporting a lost permit or placard and getting a replacement. In some states, you have to fill out a new application, whereas others will require you only to fill out a replacement application. Filling out the replacement form isn’t time-consuming, like filling out a new application form.


Most states usually offer free applications and replacement of your stolen or lost placard. However, in some states, you have to pay a certain amount of money for getting a temporary replacement disabled parking placard. You must submit the replacement request online via your specific state's DMV website when replacing your stolen placard. You can submit the replacement request by mailing them your request form or visiting the office in person and inquire about the replacement of your stolen or lost placard. Nonetheless, visiting the DMV offices or submitting the replacement form through the website has a significant drawback. You have to wait long before receiving your card; most offices offer up to several weeks or more to send you the replacement placard. When submitting your replacement request online or in person, you might find it challenging to complete the process. You can contact the authorities at the local DMV office to seek clarification on the various issues or problems during the process.


Disabled parking placards help you access convenient parking spaces when you have disabilities, and most states make them available for individuals who need them. It becomes a nightmare and distressing when you lose your placard as it’s usually challenging to move around without it. With the numerous stress and hardship the disabled individuals go through, returning a lost parking placard you come across is the appropriate thing to do. It’ll be the best way to help the individual who lost the permit, as they entirely depend on the document when moving around daily. Furthermore, it’ll be good, as it may also happen to you someday, and someone else can return the favor.