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Posted 03/16/2022 in Handicap Parking Permit

Can You Use Your Disabled Parking Placard in a Rental Car

Can You Use Your Disabled Parking Placard in a Rental Car

Explore - Can You Use Your Disabled Parking Placard in a Rental Car

Having the handicap permit or placard is essential, as it allows you to enjoy numerous benefits. Having the placard means that you can obtain the best from it by having access to the closest parking lots. You’ll be comfortable moving around and parking in any parking spaces in your hometown when having this permit. However, before using the permit, it’ll be wise to understand the guidelines for using the handicap placard while traveling. Understanding the guidelines and laws will be essential to prevent you from getting on the wrong side of the laws. After getting the handicap parking permit, many individuals wonder if they can use it in a rental car. If you’re looking for the proper response on whether you can use the permit in a rental car, you’re in the right place. This article outlines everything you need to understand about using the handicap permit while traveling.

 Can You Use Your Disabled Parking Placard in a Rental Car

Can you use the Disabled Parking Placard in a Rental Car?


The disabled parking program law allows you to use the placard in a rental vehicle. However, you can only use the permit if you're a passenger or driver in the car. You can easily switch the placards from one vehicle to another, as the DMV understands that you might be traveling in other cars when traveling at different times. Despite using the different cars, the need for having an accessible parking lot won’t change when having the qualifying condition.


You can use these placards and permits as long as you follow the rules and regulations. For instance, you need to place the permit on the rearview mirror while parking the car in the highly disabled-accessible parking spaces. It’ll be wise to remove the permit from the rearview mirror to prevent obstruction when driving. The disabled parking guidelines will also apply when using your permit on a rental car. Furthermore, before using this placard on the rental car, ensure that it’s valid and up to date. After fulfilling these guidelines, you can comfortably use your permits on a rental car. Notably, despite the law allowing you to use the placard on rental cars, you can’t lend your permit to anyone else, even your friends or family.


Do the Authorities Register the Disabled Parking Placard to Your Car?


The authorities usually don’t register your permit to your car directly. However, they only register it directly to your car if you’ve got a specific license plate the authorities issued together with the placard. You may easily use the permit in the vehicle you choose, regardless of the owner. So, if you’ve been wondering if you use your blue badges when using a different car, the response is you can use the placard on any car. For instance, you can use the placards on a friend’s or rented car you’re using while on vacation. As long as you abide by the disabled parking program guidelines in the particular state.


Can You Use Your Disabled Parking Placard While Traveling?


Before traveling with your placard, there are various essential things you have to consider to use the permit correctly and effectively. Firstly, if you reside in the United States, all 50 states accept any valid handicap parking permit. These permits allow you to park your car in designated accessible parking lots. These spaces have a blue and white wheelchair sign that authorities paint or post on the specific parking area ground in most states.


Nonetheless, when traveling with your permit or placard, it's vital to understand different handicap parking programs and regulations in these states. For instance, in some states, you can park in specific time-limited parking lots for an unlimited duration when having a placard. Furthermore, authorities in some states may allow you to park without paying any fee at any street metered parking spaces across the towns. With the varying guidelines and types of state restrictions, getting the latest information on the restrictions will be vital. If you don't understand the particular state's exemptions, you must follow posted signs to understand these regulations.


In addition, while traveling, you must consider these guidelines before visiting these countries. The guidelines usually vary with the different countries you’re visiting. For example, some countries, like Canada and Mexico, may honor your permit or placard and exempt you from paying parking fees while parking in the handicapped parking lots. Nonetheless, in some scenarios, the parking enforcement or laws are usually more strict, and you might not enjoy the full privileges these permits or placards offer.


Researching the country or state, you're visiting, and their disabled parking guidelines will help you be on the law’s right side. Understanding the guidelines helps you avoid getting a ticket, authorities towing your car, and getting hefty fines. Therefore, before the state or country, it’ll be appropriate to have research ahead of time to establish the regulations on accessible parking placards in the places. You can have a quick internet search on the different websites or contact the local law enforcement authorities. Many locations usually want to make life easy for the tourists, especially those with disabilities; thus, they’ll provide the appropriate information.


Furthermore, while planning for your trip or visit and want to use a rental car, contact the company to check if they’ve got any car that suits your needs, like modified vehicles. Despite the law allowing you to use the handicap placards or permits, you can inquire more to understand the additional perks of using these permits on the rental vehicle. Furthermore, you’ll need to notify the rental company that you’re a disabled individual and want to use their vehicle. These companies will provide you with their rental cars as long as you’re above 25 years and possess a valid driver's license.


You can have your trip to any state or country as long as you’ve got a valid driver's license and an updated accessible parking placard. The handicap placard will entitle you to various privileges and comfort while enjoying yourself on the trip. However, before packing your bags and starting your journey, ensure you have a little research and understand the state’s disabled parking programs and regulations. The knowledge will be essential to make your vacation life easy and enjoyable.