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Posted 07/16/2023 in Online Events

AZ DB101 Training for Professionals _August 10 (virtual)

Online event
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1:00 PM
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4:00 PM
AZ DB101 Training for Professionals _August 10 (virtual)

AZ DB101 Training for Professionals _August 10 (virtual)

Service professionals learn how to utilize the user-friendly information and tools of DB101 to increase employment outcomes.

By World Institute on Disability

About this disability events

DB101 provides the information on benefits, health coverage, and employment supports to reduce the myths that are barriers to employment and financial self-sufficiency for people with disabilities.

During this handicap events training learn how to use DB101 to:

Describe SSI/SSDI rules and work incentives, Medicaid and Medicare, and employment impact on state/federal benefits

Complete and explain Estimator results of the impact of specific earnings on benefits

Motive and support plans for employment and transition to self-sufficiency

Contact gina@wid.org for more information.

Find Arizona DB101 at www.az.db101.org

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